Brain Booster with the goodness of shankhpushpi and brahmi Amla 150g

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Who are we and why are we in this business?
Our mission is to educate and inspire people to take self-control of their health using appropriate food and nutrition so that they can live a healthy and active life. We at Trikund believe that healthy food is the only way to lead a healthy & happy life.

Promote brain health, Enhance cognitive function, Antioxidant properties, Calming effect, Reduce anxiety, Reduce stress, Reducing inflammation, Neuroprotective effects, Memory enhancement
Ginger, Amla, Shankhpushpi, Peepal bark, Brahmi, Giloy, Spikenard, Tulsi leaves, Spice Extract
How to Use:
Add 1 teaspoon (5g) of BRAIN BOOSTER TEA to 250ml of water stir the mixture and boil it until it reduce to 200ml, add jaggery or sweetener if needed.

Take right after waking up at morning, and on an empty stomach.


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